Saturday, March 26, 2011

upside down

and inside out. I've gotta get it together for this math teste on Monday. Need to work on it for 6 straight hours. I knew that a week ago, when i had 200 hours out of which to squeeze 6 for math. Now i have less than 48 hours from which to wring 6. My grandmother's recipe for Mathcram Pie...oohhhh   mmmammy!
...Oh, and lovely Sara from the math class keeps poking her head around the corners in my brain...trying to think of a good first date with her. She's already said yes, but her spring break has been even harder than mine-even with the adjustment for age...i'll get in to the whole women thing later...back to math 34c-27-36 waits in Jasper tonight. Let's see...that's 3.57 hours driving, twice that in "adult time"...leaves 38 til the math teste...and she's leanin on me hard to get there. Haven't mentioned lovely Sara to 34c yet...better break out grandmother's recipe for Procrastination Puddin'(best served with a drizzle of  Secret Squirrely Sauce).
Puts in mind a conversation between ALTHEA and jim,

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