Saturday, April 2, 2011

Robert Earl Keen "Feelin' Good Again"

saturday off - what's your best lie used for calling in sick?

My friends are visiting from New York with their kids so we're going to hang out at hte hotel; swim, drink, have fun.
Be cool, stay in school, don't drink and drive!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bob Dylan Live - It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

NO,NO,NO1 It's not about church music!

don't want to mislead anyone, i'm not in to sacred music, but had a test over it today so was on my mind...learning a lot in that class and, thankfully his test came straight from the text, pretty much. Medieval music...pretty austere. Still use the church modes in modern secular rock...but for now, I'm gonna re-boost my image...with a song...

Gregorian Chant - "Salve Regina"

hey, this blogging is pretty cool

As soon as i get past this test today in Music Lit. which sounds like an easy enough class for a Business major with a guitar...until teste #2 which is all about the Medieval and Renaissance time periods.The medieval era lasted for about 1000 years, beginning 450 AD. This time period also is referred to as the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages. It began with the disintegration of the Roman Empire and with  the rise in power and influence of the Roman Catholic church. We all know what the pious want most...for everybody to be just like them...
To this end, the church did away with musical instruments (due to their use previously in pagan rituals) and gave us the wonderful, unaccompanied liturgical chant. For over 1000 years the official music of  the Roman Catholic Church has been Gregorian Chant- named for Pope Gregory I (the Great) who reigned 590-604.The chant basically consists of melody set to sacred Latin texts. Their texture is monophonic, which is as bad as it sounds and even worse to study but i'd better toil on...on to the Renaissance, humanism, the Enlightenment, the Beatles(a little later). Oh, the earliest found manuscripts depicting musical notation date to c.900AD. These manuscripts did not show any sense of rhythm or beat b/c exact time values were not notated. Study time!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday song getaway

well, the Sunday song selection led to this 'Fadeaway' from the same night...remember it well forgot it all...
nature of the game...

Grateful Dead - West L.A. Fadeaway - September 30, 1989

Grateful Dead - Greatest Story Ever Told - September 30, 1989

ahhh, sunday in the country

I sure do miss waking up in the country...Homemade Mary has a very comfortable bed, which only sweetens the deal. Got a breakfast in bed which. as we've all known our whole lives does not suck- quite the opposite; i'd venture to say that in the vast majority of cases, whomever prepares and serves you that breakfast does so out of love and only in the rarest of situations is it executed by any other motive, illness aside. I'm not sick and Homemade Mary has no alterior motive, so i simply got breakfast in bed in the country just for being me.
My brother's water got shut off  to his cabin in the woods just up the road on the other side of the Buffalo River
so i'm  gonna go see him today. His truck is also down so we're gonna look at it...hoping it's a spark issue and something easy to fix. AND CHEAP!!
Better get moving... now have appx  30 hours to study for math AND take the test.WOOWOO! way to go, boy!
i'll get us up a Sunday song...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grateful Dead - Jack Straw @ Radio City Music Hall 10-31-80

a man's gotta eat

so why not eat homemade. Homemade Mary for supper tonite!!YumYum! Hot shower (i only have a bathtub), get a luxury buff n two hrs.- into the country which is awesome. wish i had a anatomy class, i'd be s
tudying for it! out.
Road song to follow...

The Grateful Dead - Althea (Rockpalast, 1981)

upside down

and inside out. I've gotta get it together for this math teste on Monday. Need to work on it for 6 straight hours. I knew that a week ago, when i had 200 hours out of which to squeeze 6 for math. Now i have less than 48 hours from which to wring 6. My grandmother's recipe for Mathcram Pie...oohhhh   mmmammy!
...Oh, and lovely Sara from the math class keeps poking her head around the corners in my brain...trying to think of a good first date with her. She's already said yes, but her spring break has been even harder than mine-even with the adjustment for age...i'll get in to the whole women thing later...back to math 34c-27-36 waits in Jasper tonight. Let's see...that's 3.57 hours driving, twice that in "adult time"...leaves 38 til the math teste...and she's leanin on me hard to get there. Haven't mentioned lovely Sara to 34c yet...better break out grandmother's recipe for Procrastination Puddin'(best served with a drizzle of  Secret Squirrely Sauce).
Puts in mind a conversation between ALTHEA and jim,

sun up, me down

i'd bet that my friend Sara is sleeping good right now. She oughta be, going to the univ. and dental hygiene swchool and working 2 jobs. She works every single math problem, the study problems, the example exercises every single one! And goes to the gym. She's really quite lovely. out

the legendary Billy Joe Shaver

i can't wait for him to be here in a couple of months at the Walton Arts Center on May 11 with Lucinda Williams who i recently enjoyed in a solo gig in the bar right down the street. Already have a ticket to see the Dalai Lama that morning, so what better way to end a day like that? I know. Her name is Sara.

Billy Joe Shaver-When the Fallen Angels Fly

born again

hello new world; pretty sure it was easier this time - no screaming, no anesthesia, idled forceps. And no BLOOD! Nope. Didn't really even do a thing beyond the seat of my chair which is a welcomed pace after  the racetrack i've been on for the last 2 months...could actually use the time to think it thru and just sit still. How many mistakes can ya make sitting still? Unless it's winter and you're out of firewood, oughta not be sittin around then. But hell,it's 3:30 am, i live in the town and am wearing shorts and sandals. Hello new world!